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See where every deal has been shared

See when a deal has been posted or updated from multiple marketplaces or brokerages

Why Kumo is the #1 Deal Aggregator on the Market

80k+ unique deals tracked across 160k+ listings

Thousands of brokers and over a dozen marketplaces

Algorithmically cleaned data

Take notes, favorite deals, and hide unwanted deals

Listing change history & industry reporting (coming soon!)

"Thank you! Such a helpful platform to look for deals. So excited to have found this platform for deals sourcing as it's got listings from all the sites I was monitoring manually."

One satisfied customer, May 2022

80,000+ deals at your fingertips, for free.

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Kumo aggregates thousands of brokers and over a dozen marketplaces into one easy-to-use platform so that you can spend less time sourcing, and more time closing deals.

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